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Arman Rathod TikTok star, Age, Height, Family, Wiki, Biography and more

Arman Rathod TikTok star, Age, Height, Family, Wiki, Biography and more
Arman Rathod TikTok star

Arman Rathod TikTok star, Age, Height, Family, Wiki, Biography and more – Stars Biowiki

Arman Rathod is a popular TikTok star and Dancer from Valsad, Gujarat, India. Arman Rathod’s age is 35 years old and he was born on 3rd November 1985 in a very poor family from Valsad, Gujarat. where he lives in a ghetto region in a little one-room cottage that obliges the group of eight. There is just one bed in the cabin, for his senior sibling who needs it because of his harmed knees. The remainder of the family―his mother, father, sister-in-law, and her and his sibling’s three children―sleep on the ground. He is married and he has 3 children. 

29-year-old Arman’s day by day schedule included rising promptly toward the beginning of the day and washing upwards of 20 vehicles a day―work that he has been doing since a young age. When night fell, he would shift gears totally. He’d get together with his beloved companions Raj, Sonu, and Karan to dance practice.

Arman’s dad, who is 65 years old, filled in as a guard in a nearby emergency clinic for quite a bit of his life, yet has been jobless for a year because of sickness. The family’s essential workers are presently Arman’s mom and sister-in-law, who both accomplish residential work at various houses and gain around Rs 5000 each every month. 

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Arman Before Famous on TikTok:

Arman has participated in over 100 nearby rivalries and prevailed upon 50 honors, yet there were not many substantial prizes. The first occasion when he contended was in 2007, at a party rivalry in Valsad, at 16 years old. In any case, it was just two years after the fact, in 2009, that he at long last won a prize―a total of Rs 3000. In reality, he has never earned more than that in any of the neighborhood rivalries that he has taken an interest in. 

While he was now and then welcomed to perform at weddings and different occasions, these commitments never gave a manageable wellspring of salary. Regardless, Arman kept on thinking beyond practical boundaries. “During these rivalries, the public―in tremendous numbers―would assemble around the moving ground and watch me perform.

Personal Info

Full Name  Arman Rathod

Nick Name  Arman

Gender Male 

Age/Birthday  3rd November 1985

Birth Place  Valsad, Gujarat, India

Current City  Valsad, Gujarat, India

Nationality       Indian

Profession  Dancer and TikTok star

Famous for  Dancing

Religion  Hindu

Net Worth Not Known (Will Update soon) 

Phone Number  Not Known (Will Update soon)

School  Not Known (Will Update soon)

College/University  Not Known (Will Update soon)

Qualification   Completed his schooling

Hobbies              Dancing

Marital Status                Married
Wife Not Known (Will Update soon) 

TikTok Career:

One day during dance practice, Arman’s friends gave him some TikTok videos recordings for reference and proposed that he should start upload video on TikTok as well. Arman Rathod, starting today, has 6 million followers and 118 million likes on Tik Tok. Practically the entirety of his dance videos viral around the web on social media most as of late, one of his videos of dancing to Hrithik Roshan’s ‘You are my Soniya’ got 60 Million views on TikTok.

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Arman used to observe all these move appears on TV a ton, and needed to be on that organize and contend with the best artists, in any event once in the course of my life,” he shared. In any case, despite the fact that he tried out for a few TV appears, including Dance India Dance, Chak Dhoom and India’s Got Talent, he never got chose. 

His viral dance videos provoked the coordinators of Color TV’s Dance Deewane to welcome him for tryouts, as indicated by Arman. “Not long after this call, a few people began spreading lies about him, saying that he dress extravagantly and live in a major house. None of it is valid. Truly, they had seen him in great garments during move tryouts. Regardless of how poor he was, he put something aside for a considerable length of time to purchase some great jeans and shirt for himself when he went for tryouts since he needed to look satisfactory. They saw those garments and thought he was rich.

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Now, Arman Rathod is very popular dancer and social media influencer. He is having verified popular creator tag by TikTok. Many TikTok star and famous Bollywood choreographer did duets with his TikTok videos. Ritesh Deshmukh, Remo D’suza, Terence Luise, Cricketer David Warner and stars has made duets videos with Arman.


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