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Unknown Facts About Top Director Real Star Upendra

Unknown Facts About Top Director Real Star Upendra

Unknown Facts About Top Director Real Star Upendra, Rajinikanth once said, “There is no actor in the world who can think like Upendra”.

Upendra Rao is commonly known as the Uppi, Real Star. Upendra is a person with passion and professionalism.

Upendra is one among the Top Movie Director in the Indian Film Industry.

Initially, Upendra is identified as Director and in the coming days, Upendra is also identified as a great actor, producer, scriptwriter, and singer too.

He started his career as a scriptwriter and acted as a junior artist. Upendra’s first screen appearance was in ‘Ananthana Avanthara.

Here, you will be amazed to know the Interesting Facts about Real Star Upendra!

  • Upendra was born on Sep 18th, 1968, in Udupi District, popularly known as Real Star, Super Star UPENDRA.
  • Upendra’s first screen appearance was in “Ananthana Avanthara”.
  • Before entering to film making, he had thought of changing society by politically
  • Upendra debut as a hero was Movie “A”, most people first criticized his movies are meaningless but later everyone accepts the reality when they have gone through deep dive.
  • The most ever attractive tag line is “Kaddayavagi Buddivantharige Mathra” for his film “A”
  • “A”, movie was the 1st movie to be screened at Japan’s Yubari International fantastic film Festival in 2001.
  • Upendra, married to co-star Priyanka Trivedi On 14 December 2003, who is also a Miss Kolkata.
  • Upendra and Priyanka both shared a screen for a couple of movies H20 & Telugu Movie Raa before marriage.
  • Deepika Padukone made her debut with Upendra in the movie “Aishwarya”, directed by Indrajit Lankesh
  • Upendra’s direction OM Movie featuring Shivrajkumar became a sensation movie of the decade.
  • The first actor who titled movie name with symbols which creates confusion and finally succeed to bring more audience.
  • Upendra acted with Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon in a self-named film called ‘Upendra’, and she currently join team of KGF-2 as ‘Ramika sen’
  • In 2015 Upendra was honored with Honorary Doctorate from Angkor University.
  • Upendra’s direction movie “OM” made Limca record for re-releasing more than 550 times and H.D Kumaraswamy bought the right to distribute this film for the Mysore area.
  • In October 2017, Upendra joined a political party Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha (KPJP).
  • Upendra has been the brand ambassador of the United Breweries, Lunars Footwear, SK Super TMT, Royal Challengers Bangalore, MTR, BESCOM, Emani Navaratna Brand, KMF, Udayavani News Daily.


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