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15 Best Body Parts for Girls to Get Tattoo

15 Best Body Parts for Girls to Get Tattoo
15 Best Body Parts for Girls to Get Tattoo

Everyone likes tattoo, tattoo always represent the persons emotions and mainly the things that holds to us. Many boys and girls like to get inked on their body parts.

Many people get tattoo on their body parts but really do not know their meaning of getting tattoo.

Here is the list of body parts for every girl likes to get tattoo. And these tattoos look simple and small, but the output looks awesome.

Tattoo Around Neck

The neck is the most attractive body part for the tattoo, many girls prefer to show the quote lines and simple animal pics. Neck is the major body part observed by everyone.

Tattoo on Back

Back tattoo will suit mainly for the girls with the short hairs means the ponytail hair girls. Many girls prefer to tattoo the initial or the simple symbols.

Tattoo on Hip

If you are wearing a low-waist pants, the tattoo goes with you, or if you a shy person don’t choose the Hip for the Tattoo ink, because it looks more pretty when you expose the tattoo.

Tattoo on Ribs

Many girls want to try different tattoo pattern on different body parts and ribs is one of them, Usually Ribs are not exposed, so choose your tattoo carefully.

Tattoo on Thigh

Thigh attracts the eyes firstly for many people, the tattoo on the thigh grab the attention immediately, if you feel you are bold and beautiful then choose the thing for the Ink.

Tattoo on Spine

Spine tattoos are one of the most followed trends in the recent tattoo world. Spine tattoos looks more attractive to women who love to show off their back.

Tattoo Around Ear

Though the tattoo looks small around the ear but looks sexy. Ears are mostly for adorned with the piercings, and not much for tattoos. So, make sure you choose the best tattoo designs.

Tattoo on Collarbone

Collarbone tattoos are best tattoo ideas for most of the women who are addicted to tattoos and who wants to show their tattoos to the world. Simple line or flower suits better on the Collarbone.

Tattoo on Elbow

Many hardcore lovers of their body love to get inked on the Elbow. The Elbow is a ideal for many tattoo lovers.

Tattoo on Wrist

Tattoo on wrist is one the most unique one among the tattoo groups. Very simple and small tattoos suit to wrist for example star tattoo, name signature tattoos and more.

Tattoo Outside of the Arm

Most important part of the body is Arm; you can choose your favourite tattoo or names of your loved one. It looks more attractive when you expose it.

Tattoo on Fingers

Though the fingers are small and difficult to put ink as the fingers is combined with bones the tattoo art may become little difficult. But if you are clever then you may win the game with the simple and prettiest tattoo for the lifetime.

Tattoo on Ankle

Ankle tattoos are gaining the more popularity nowadays, girls who are tall and wears a jeans pants will suit perfectly and looks sexy. Try to decorate around the Ankle more of other forms of tattoos.


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