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Did you Know about the AC Helmet?

Did you Know about the AC Helmet?
Did you Know about the AC Helmet_

People who feels the Helmet is an annoyance here is a solution for them, that is AC HELMET. This AC helmet has such a specialty that no matter how much you travel it will not hurt you.

As per the road rules, it is mandatory for bikers to wear a helmet and if the rule is violated, they will be penalized. And now a days the penalty fees also more.

Most people do not like to wear a helmet because it may result in hair loss and baldness. Most of the young people are concerned about the external beauty, but never concerned about their health.

AC in Helmet or Helmut inside AC?

Mechanical engineer Sandeep Dahiya in Bangalore gave a cool solution for the biggest problem in the world, that is AC Helmet.

What is an AC Helmet?

Sandeep Dahiya, a mechanical engineer, is the man who invented the AC helmet. The AC helmet is invented with the regular helmet by adjusting a pipe in the back of the helmet and it runs with the support of the bike’s battery.

This AC is made with 12-Volt power consumes about 3.5 AMPS. The machine weighs only 1,800 grams.

The machine is then connected to the helmet through a rubber pipe. From there, cool air flows through four small tubes to the front of the face.

Riders can ride the bike by tying an AC machine to the back of their bike. This helmet can be easily used in cities like Best, Bangalore, etc.

How do this AC works?

This machine allows the air to be cooled down and released directly into the helmet, which sucks the air out of the atmosphere.

What is the specialty of the AC Helmet?

Temperature also varies with the helmet, depending on the atmosphere.

Sandeep has spent almost 4.5 years to launch this AC Helmet.

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